What is the appeal of retrogaming?

Game developers nowadays are working hard to provide you with the best of the best. With the newest technologies like VR devices and developments such as gaming in a 4K resolution peeking around the corner, why are people still playing retro games? What’s the appeal to retrogaming?

The obvious

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way: Retrogamers are full of nostalgia. It’s human nature to think of your childhood as the time ‘things were better’. And while that might not be true for everyone, there’s no denying you think about the pleasant times in the past more than you might want to admit. People use retro games as a shortcut back to their childhood. Back to a time when things were easier. No mortgage, no boss screaming in your ear every three minutes, no finances to worry about. But it’s not just the nostalgia that’s drawing people to old games. There’s more to them then you might think.

Gameplay = key

The games back then were mainly based around gameplay. The graphics weren’t nearly as impressive as they are today. Developers had to work around the lack of better graphics, so they focused on the gameplay itself. There are plenty of amazing gameplay possibilities hidden in old gems that you might not find if you can’t see past the graphics. That’s not to say that there aren’t people who just enjoy retro games for their graphics too. I mean, look at these graphics, what’s not to love?


Games of old also prove to be quite difficult. Google wasn’t a thing, so if you weren’t able to complete a level or kill a boss, you had no other option than to try again. And again. And again. Doing this made you a better player and with the quirkiness of some of the games, you really needed that training in hand-eye coordination. Take Mega Man 2 for example. For seasoned players it might be a piece of cake, but if you haven’t played before, prepare to die. A lot. While some people might think of the difficulty as a flaw, plenty consider it to be more of an addition to the gameplay.

Money, money, money

Besides all that, it’s relatively cheap to get into. You’ll be ready to go on the console of your choice , plus some games, for under a hundered bucks. There is plenty to collect and the fanatic retro game collectors that are out there will gladly help you find a good deal and an even better gaming experience. There are also plenty of games out there you’ll need another mortgage for.


Retro gaming isn’t just about gaming. It’s a change of pace. It takes your mind of the hassle of society and teleports it back to another time that was far more enjoyable. And the great thing is: It’s always there to take your mind off things. There is no DRM. No online-only games. No day one DLC. No server maintenance. It’s just there for you to enjoy.

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